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What's New in Version 4

Important Differences from Version 3

Please note that you can install version 4 without removing version 3. This means that you can have both versions on the same computer.

There are a few minor changes in version 4 that will affect your existing settings and configurations. These are mostly related to the visual interface and will not affect the working of the software in anyway. In most cases you can revert back to your old settings if you wish to (though you may not need to).

Project Data Formats

There are no differences in project data formats. You can use v4 to open v3 projects and you can use v3 to open v4 projects. Make sure that you have the last released version of v3 when opening and saving projects created using v4.

Automatic Whois Configuration for new Global TLDs

The latest builds of Watch My Domains Pro v4 will automatically perform the whois configuration when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been setup. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option anymore. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.

Domain Table Column Setup

The domain table column setup is now a lot different but much better.

We made the changes because there are a large number of data columns and it was difficult to locate the columns in a large single list.

Domain Column Setup

Whois Diagnostic Tool

A new Whois Diagnostics Tool can be used to quickly find whois servers for most TLDs and ccTLDs and also quickly configure the settings.

Whois diagnostic tool

Color Schemes

Have you changed the colors of the rows in the domain table? These will be lost in version 4. This is because version 4 supports different themes and each theme automatically selects the appropriate row colors.

Blue Theme blue
White Theme white
Black Theme black

Solitude Theme solitude
Aqua Theme  aqua
Silver Theme silver

You can change this behaviour from the 'App Settings' dialog. First check the 'Use Custom Domain List Colors' option and then specify the colors for the odd and even rows.

You can also set the font used by the domain table from the 'App Settings' dialog.

Automatic Domain Lookups

In earlier versions you had to manually start the lookups after adding domains. In version 4 the domains will be automatically queued for lookup when you add them to the portfolio.

You can change this behaviour from the 'App Settings' dialog. Uncheck the box that says Do Lookup on Add.

Separate Tabs for Raw Registrar and Registry Whois Data

The raw whois data display has been split into separate tabs.

Separate Raw Data Tabs for Whois

Ability to Parse Registry and Registrar Whois Data

In previous versions you had to re-do a whois lookup after making changes to the data extraction tokens. In v4, you can simply parse the registry and registrar whois records again without doing a whois lookup. These options are available in the context menu (right-click) and the ribbon.

Whois Data Parsing