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Version History for Watch My Domains Mac

The current version of this application is no longer sold from the Apple store. If you purchased from the Apple Store and are not able to get an update, please contact us with proof of purchase (you may redact any information you want to keep private) to obtain a new license code. You can then download your free minor version updates from here.

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Version 1.5.110 - Feb-08-2018

  • This is an important update, please see below.
  • Added support for http based whois proxy URLs. This is useful when you want to use a registrar API for obtaining the whois data. You can use the whois API script from CodePunch Solutions. The Proxy URL should be hosted on a secure site (https://)
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • Please wait a few days to obtain the new build if you purchased from the Apple store.

    Version 1.5.108 - July-31-2017

  • This is an important update, please see below.
  • The registrar whois server token in COM and NET registry whois has changed. This requires a manual configuration change in all our domain name management software products (please see here). This update removes the need for manual configuration change.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 1.5.106 - April-8-2017

  • Improved data extraction logic
  • Faster and better optimized lookups
  • More options for creating domain names from character templates. Use 'unique consonant' option to create pronounceable domain names.
  • Improvements in User Interface
  • Minor fixes and modifications
  • Please wait a few days to obtain the new build if you purchased from the Apple store Apple store version also updated.

    Version 1.2.1068 - July-10-2015

  • Improved extraction of domain status columns
  • Improved auto-filter display for 'past expiry date' domains
  • Minor fixes and modifications

    Version 1.2.1067 - July-01-2015

  • When adding new domains, they will be also added to the currently selected category. This behaviour is similar to that in Windows versions of the software.
  • The 'Add Domains' box whenever invoked will no longer contain the earlier entries.
  • You can now automatically lookup domains that haven't been checked for a specified number of days. Please see the 'Preferences' pane for specifying the auto lookup interval (between 3 and 240 days). This will work only if the Domains >> Automatic Whois Lookup menu option is checked.
  • Minor fixes and modifications

    Version 1.2.1056 - May-21-2015

  • There was a problem with CSV data export when the domain portfolio contained International Domain Names (IDN).This was fixed.

    Version 1.2.1045 - October-28-2014

  • Automatic whois configuration when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been setup. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option any more. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.

    Version 1.2.1035 - June-13-2014

  • Added default support for the new gTLDs (engineer, xyz, etc.). Previously this required a manual configuration change.
  • Minor fixes and modifications
  • Improved date extration

    Version 1.2.1025

  • Added an extra 'Registrant Email' column. The new ICANN rules require a validation from the registrant email.
  • Added default support for the new gTLDs (guru, camera, etc.) from Donuts Inc. Previously this required a manual configuration change.
  • Minor fixes and modifications

    Version 1.2.1020

  • Cleanup tokens modified for whois.godaddy.com. This fixes the recent issue that affected domains registered at GoDaddy. Please see this blog post for details.
  • Added default support for BG and XXX domains. This previously required manual setup

    Version 1.2.1002

  • Improved data extraction options in whois parse table.
  • Minor bug fixes

    Version 1.1.0021

  • Fixes a minor column display bug introduced in earlier build (January 6, 2013). Please update your version if your using v1.1.0020.

    Version 1.1.0020

  • Added support for editing domain records. You can now manually enter expiry dates, created dates, and other data by just clicking on the domain table entries (inline editing). Use the application 'Preference' panel to enable/disable manual edits. When an entry is edited the domain data will be automatically locked. You can change this behaviour from the 'Preferences' panel.
  • You can now enable which columns are displayed for each view. (Use "View > Setup Columns" from the application menu)
  • You can now export the domain table to a CSV file.
  • Column widths and order are now preserved.
  • Minor operational improvements

    Version 1.1.0010

  • Added support for Domain Categories - You can group domains into categories
  • Now supports automatic whois lookups when idle (on domains that have never been looked up)
  • Ability to customize visible auto-filters
  • Large number of operational improvements
  • Number of improvements to visual interface elements

    Version 1.0.2000

  • Create Domain Names from Keywords, Alpha-Numeric Templates
  • Quick Availability Check option for finding available domains
  • Minor Interface and other extra features (change display font size, additional auto-filters)
  • Ability to do multi word filters from the toolbar text filter box. Type in free+soft to find and list all domains that contain the words free and soft. Type in free|soft to find and list all domains that contain either free or soft.

    Version 1.0.1007

  • Attach Notes: Attach up to 4 notes to each domain.
  • Label Notes: You can label the custom notes (use the "Preferences" Pane)
  • Right click within domain list for editing notes (or choose from the app menu)
  • Enhanced search filter: Search within specific columns from the search filter box in toolbar.
  • IP address display was inverted in earlier versions. Now it will show the IP properly.
  • Added built-in support for ".travel" domains (required a manual configuration before)
  • Minor bug fixes.