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Version History for Watch My Domains ISP

Watch My Domains ISP was first released in August-2001.

The current major version is v6. Please see what's new for more details.

If you own a version 5 license, you can upgrade to v6 at a special price or continue to use the older version. Please visit upgrade page to check if you are eligible for a free upgrade. The customer download page has links for downloading the current and prior versions.

Version 6 - July-20-2021 (Current)

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes affected domain data import using NameSilo API
  • New Code-signing certificate

Version 6 - August-31-2020

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in only a partial import of the domain names when using NameSilo and Namecheap APIs

Version 6 - August-25-2020

  • Added an option to obtain name servers from DNS in addition to whois records. The name servers obtained through DNS will be labelled ZNS1, ZNS2, etc.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the domains to be added to the currently selected category instead of the category selected at the time of invoking the command when importing domains directly from registrars
  • Added an option in Application Settings to specify the User Agent string for HTTP connections (used to check domain home pages)
  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Version 6 - January-13-2020

  • Added a 'deletion date' column to extract the date of deletion (wherever supported).
  • Fixed an issue that affected 'Edit > Find' (Ctrl-F) when the previous search resulted in zero matches.
  • Clean-up to remove columns no longer in use
  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Version 6 - January-12-2019

  • Fixed an issue with importing domain names from GoDaddy
  • Improved the domain name generation using character templates.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 6 - July-20-2018

  • Added support for Internet.BS Registrar API for importing and looking up domains
  • Removed the 'Tagged Emails' option because it no longer relevant in the Post GDPR world.
  • Added a menu option to view the current project information. You can access it from File > Project Information or by clicking the database type entry in the status bar. This is useful when you are using MS SQL database and want to know database details of the current project.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 6 - May-11-2018

  • Added support for Namecheap Registrar API for importing and looking up domains
  • You can now select the registrars, from the supported and configured list, before doing an import using registrar API.

Version 6 - April-30-2018

  • Added an option to set {IGNORE} as a whois server token in whois setup. This is useful in cases you don't want the software to do a registrar whois lookup after the registry whois.

Version 6 - February-26-2018

  • Added support for importing and checking domain names using registrar APIs. Currently GoDaddy, Rsesellerclub and Dynadot are supported. Please see Registrar API Support for more details.
  • What's New in version 6

Version 5 - October-27-2017

  • Added support for http proxy scripts that redirect. Please also see the GoDaddy Whois API Script.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - July-30-2017

This is an important update, please see below.

  • The registrar whois server token in COM and NET registry whois has changed. This requires a manual configuration change in all our domain name management software products (please see here). This update removes the need for manual configuration change.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - March-20-2017

  • Fixed an issue with ORG domain expiry dates. This problem occurred because the .ORG registry blanked the 'Registrar Registration Expiration Date:' row which in turn caused the software to ignore the data obtained from the actual expiry date row. This can be fixed manually by entering 'Registry Expiry Date:' as the expiry date token for .ORG domains. This update makes it work without this manual fix.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - March-02-2017

  • Fixed a number of internal web pages links from within the software.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - November-15-2016

  • You could add only about 800-1000 entries to auto-append list of TLDs (for generating domain names from words). This limit has been removed.
  • Improved alert email testing and delivery.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - July-26-2016

  • Changed the default whois servers for PRO and SG domains
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - June-08-2016

  • Added support for doing DNS lookups using an external DNS. You can manually specify the DNS IP address or let the software pick it from the adapter settings. This is useful if your local network maps domain names to alternate IP addresses and is applicable only when finding the IP address each domain resolves to.
  • Adjusted the default connection interval for XYZ whois server to 601 seconds.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - April-05-2016

  • Updated data extraction logic
  • Minor interface and whois setup improvements

Version 5 - December-09-2015

  • Updated data extraction logic for name servers and dates
  • Minor interface and whois setup improvements

Version 5 - June-03-2015

  • Updated the whois server detection logic.
  • Fixed a minor issue when an MS SQL database project is created with Windows Logon and empty user name and password.
  • Minor interface improvements

Version 5 - March-23-2015

  • Added an option to attach multi-line custom text to each domain. This is available in the lower pane under the custom data tab. This is in addition to the existing Notes columns.
  • Added an option to run a custom display SQL query at startup. You can enable this from the 'App Settings' dialog.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 5 - March-08-2015

  • Added an option in 'App Settings' to append or not append "www." to domain names when doing home page checks.
  • Added an option in 'Domain Alerts' to generate alerts when specfied text tokens are found in raw whois.
  • You can now enable whois history logging from the 'App Settings'. The raw whois for all your lookups will be preserved if you check the 'Save Whois History' box in 'App Settings'. To view the history, right click on a domain and select 'View Raw Whois History'
  • Added an option in 'App Settings' to slow down the alert processing. Normally alerts are processed immediately as they occur. Unchecking the 'Process Alerts Faster' box in 'App Settings' will now cause the alert processing to happen every 10 minutes. You can use this option to reduce the number of email alerts you get (each email will contain more number of entries).
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 5 - February-02-2015

  • Fixed an issue that prevented expiry dates after 2100 from being shown in the table. Some domains have expiry dates set in the next century!
  • Fixed an issue with raw whois data display when the wrong cleanup text is entered.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 5 - January-16-2015

  • Fixed an issue with some whois servers when domain names are entered in all uppercase.
  • Some domain status columns displayed the ICANN url along with the status. This was cleaned up.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - December-04-2014

  • Added support for SSL/TLS SMTP for email alerts. Previously we mostly recommended web script method for email alerts.
  • Added support for quebec domains (the auto-detected whois server wasn't working properly). Manualy set whois.nic.quebec as the whois server if you still have problems.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - November-11-2014

  • Advanced Options for MS SQL based Projects. You can now test the connection before creating the project, specify additional options like "Windows Login", "Encrypted Connection", etc.
  • ODBC Errors are now logged to a text file at %APPDATA%\Watch My Domains ISP v5\odbcerror.log.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - October-26-2014

  • Improved auto detection of whois servers
  • Added an option in "App Settings" to make the application remember the last used sort column and sort order in the domain table.
  • There was a problem that caused new projects with a hyphen in the project name to fail to connect to MS SQL database (MS Jet/Access databases were not affected). This has been fixed.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5 - September-25-2014

Version 5 - September-22-2014

  • This is an update to the new Major Version 5. Please see What's New for more details on version 5.
  • The data-pane in the middle will now show the current display category or filter.
  • Minor fixes to support the changes in WS whois server
  • The "About to Expire" filter will use the number of "highlight days" set in "Domain Filter" settings. This was previously always 30 days.


  • New Major Version Release. Please see What's New for more details.
  • Automatic whois configuration when you add a domain with a TLD that has not yet been setup. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update. With so many new TLDs becoming available, manually configuring each TLD is not a viable option anymore. This feature will make managing domains a lot more easy.
  • In previous versions you had to re-do a whois lookup after making changes to the data extraction tokens. In v5, you can simply parse the registry and registrar whois records again without doing a whois lookup.
  • Support for multiple visual themes, Advanced whois diagnostic tool, Much Improved domain column setup and much more...
  • An an earlier build of v5 didn't support enabling custom data columns in domain table. This was fixed. Please make sure that you are using the version posted on or after Sep-11-2014.

New Major Version Release


  • Added an option to find name servers when you do domain DNS lookup. You have to enable this from the App Settings.
  • Minor improvements and fixes


  • Improvements to data extraction
  • Added default support for more new gTLDs (link, gift, etc). Previously this required a manual configuration change.


  • Added an extra 'Registrant Email' column. The new ICANN rules require a validation from the registrant email.
  • Added default support for the new gTLDs (guru, camera, etc.) from Donuts Inc. Previously this required a manual configuration change.
  • When an alert icon is displayed for domain status change, the corresponding row will not be highlighted.
  • You can now select the domain status column entries that will cause the alert icon to be displayed. Please use the 'App Settings' option for this.
  • Minor changes to the short-cut names in start menu
  • Important: New database fields / columns added. Please update your existing database projects (click the "Config Tab >> Update Db" ribbon button after opening your project). This will add the new fields to the database. You need to do this once for each of your existing projects.


  • Added default support for additional ccTLDs (SU, рф). Previously this required a manual configuration change.


  • Added support for IP whois (on the Domain IP Address)
  • Fixed a minor problem in one of the web visibility data extraction.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements


  • Minor visual interface tweaks and improvements.
  • Added a 'TLD' column. You can enable the display of this column from the 'Config' Tab > 'Column Setup' ribbon option.
  • Added default support for additional ccTLDs and secondary TLDs. Previously this required a manual configuration change.


  • Much improved scrolling when the domain list is large.
  • Minor visual interface tweaks and improvements
  • Added options to highlight expired and "about to expire" domains differently. The highlight coloring options are now in "App Settings".
  • Added an option to highlight "about to expire" domains based on registrar expiry also (in addition to registry expiry)


  • Bug fix. There was a recent problem that prevented "Domain Finder" from functioning properly in certain cases. This was fixed.

    Note: This affected only the Domain Finder and not the Domain Manager.


  • Cleanup tokens modified for whois.godaddy.com. This fixes the recent issue that affected domains registered at GoDaddy. Please see this blog post for details.
  • Minor bug fix that prevented manual entry of a blank cleanup token.


  • Interface improvements, minor fixes and cleanup.
  • The default width of the '#' column was modified to accommodate indicator icons.
  • Some minor re-arrangement of ribbon-bar buttons. The 'Lookup Some' button has been renamed to 'Multi Lookup'
  • The software will now display an alert message and ask for confirmation when deleting even a single domain from the portfolio.
  • Attempting a brute-force lookup on multiple domains (more than 100 at a time) will popup a warning message and suggest the SQL based lookup instead.
  • Lookups directed towards the entire portfolio will now automatically use SQL based lookups.
  • Custom defined domain fields can be edited for a specific set of domains. You will need to use the 'Config Tab > Multi-Edit' ribbon-bar button and specify the domains to edit.
  • TESS (US Trademark) lookups can now create a report. You will need to first enable this in 'App Settings'. The reports are automatically saved to a folder named 'tessdata' in the 'data store path'


  • Interface Improvements. The domain table will now display small alert icons in the '#' column. You can read more details here.
  • Create simple logos for your domains. The 'Logos' tab contains a powerful logo designer with support for transparency, multi color fills, image backgrounds and more.
  • Added an option to disable the SQL server and database listing in "New Project" dialog. SQL server enumeration may cause problems in certain secure environments that block broadcast packets. You can enable SQL server enumeration from the 'App Settings' dialog.
  • Added an option to disable 'save' for custom SQL query lists. This is useful when you have multiple users and you don't want the global settings to get overwritten. If you disable this, you will need to manually edit the sql.mod.xml file in data store path or selectively allow one of the work stations to edit the query list.
  • Improved CSV data import
  • Minor fixes


  • Added support for looking up Domain Zone Data. Your IP should have explicit permission for AXFR and you should specify a valid AXFR server (either globally or individually for each domain). The software will attempt to use NS1 (from whois records) if none is specified. This is an advanced feature. Use it only if you know about AXFR.
  • The lower pane has a new tab for displaying the domain zone data.
  • The "Lookups" tab in ribbon has extra options for domain zone lookups (drop-down menu from DNS Lookup)
  • Minor improvements to data extraction
  • Important: New database fields / columns added. Please update your existing database projects (click the "Config Tab >> Update Db" ribbon button after opening your project). This will add the new fields to the database. You need to do this once for each of your existing projects.


  • Fixes a recent date related issue when used in some Non-English language versions of Windows.
  • Download only if you have problems with extraction and display of 'expiry / created / updated dates' after updating to the June-08-2012 build.
  • If you are using an older build (prior to June 8 2012) please read below!


  • Important changes. Please read below!
  • Important: New database fields / columns added. Please update your existing database projects (click the "Config Tab >> Update Db" ribbon button after opening your project). This will add the new fields to the database. You need to do this once for each of your existing projects.
  • New options to view the IP address of the base domain (softnik.com) as well as "www."+domain (www.softnik.com). So there is a new column called "WWW IP". The reverse DNS for both these IPs are also checked and displayed as "PTR" and "WWW PTR".
  • Removed the "Append WWW for DNS check" setting. The "IP" column will always display the IP of the root domain. Use the "WWW IP" column for seeing the IP of the www+domain name. See above.
  • Previously the software used to give preference to the domain status reported by the registrar (not the registry). It will now combine both. For example, if the registry returns "redemption period" and the registrar returns "locked" the extracted status will now display "locked,redemption period".
  • Added option to check TTL (Time To Live) for the domain root record. The "App Settings" have new options for managing this.
  • New display configurations called "DNS Data" and "MX Record" added to the "View" tab and the "View" drop-list.
  • Some visual improvements.
  • Setup will now create the "Safe Mode" link within a folder called "Safe Mode". Previously this link was created in the root folder. You can use the safe mode link to reset the software interface and to open without loading the last used project.
  • Fixed an issue in date extraction for projects that use MS SQL Server database. This affected users who had date format set to DD-MM-YYYY in regional settings. The earlier fix was to use MMM instead of MM (short name for month instead of digits in regional settings).
  • Fixed some minor bugs in custom SQL query execution.


  • Added a new column called "Registry Created". This will display the domain creation date from the registry whois record and is meaningful for domains that have a separate registry whois data (Com, Net, TV, etc.). This is needed because the registry provided creation date differs from the registrar provided date for some domains.

    Important: Please remember to click on "Config > Update DB" ribbon button to create the new database field. You need to do this once for every project.

    Use the "Setup Columns" option to enable the display of the extra column (if needed).
  • Some minor internal improvements


  • Fixed an issue with website visibility data
  • Improvements to Visual Interface


  • Fixed an issue with website visibility data
  • Changed the application icon.


  • In certain cases the software was unable to connect and use MS SQL databases. This has been fixed.
  • Added default support for XXX domains. Previously this required manual configuration.
  • Minor fixes and modifications


  • Fixed an issue with website visibility data


  • Fixed an issue with redirect URL display for some domains
  • Improved extraction of (owner) country names. To enable the display of "Owner Country", right click within domain list and select "Setup Columns". Then check the "Owner Country" box.


  • Added default support for some additional country codes that required manual configuration.
  • Minor interface changes


  • New major version released on Jan-5-2011
  • Version 4 supports MS SQL server
  • Added support for checking domain SSL certificate expiry
  • Support for managing sub-domains coming soon (in v4)

Watch My Domains ISP v3


  • Fixed problem with CA domain expiry dates because of a format change (required a manual configuration change before)
  • Now you can enable/disable the "#" and "domain" columns while copying data to clipboard using "Copy Select Columns & Selected/All Rows" menu option in context menu (right click).
  • Added support for JP domains
  • Improved data extraction
  • Added an option in "App Settings" to specify the URL that will open when a domain name is double clicked. You can also use it to open third party sites by double clicking a domain in the list. If you specify {D} as a token in the URL, the {D} will replaced by the domain name. Ex: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/{D}
  • Added extra configuration (app settings) buttons to default ribbon tab.


  • Added an option to export data to a MySQL dump. You can use the resulting ".sql" file to create a server side MySQL database.
  • Improvements in lookup speed
  • Added options in context menu (right click within domain list) to copy domain table in 'tab' separated format. You can paste 'tab' separated data directly into Excel.
  • Added built-in support for CO domains (required manual configuration in earlier builds)
  • When renaming or adding new domain categories in the left side tree view pane, the software will check for unsupported characters (non alphanumeric, repeated spaces, etc).
  • The "domain manager" will highlight rows that contain a domain that is "available". Previously the highlighting of available domains happened only in the "domain finder"
  • Changed the icon used for "all domains" entry in the category tree.


  • Registrant Address and Admin Phone are now monitored. Please use the "Config > Update DB" ribbon bar button to update your existing project database files. This is not required for newly created Projects.
  • Some maintenance updates.


  • Removed an inconsistency in display format when the regional settings in the system uses dd/mm/yyyy format.


  • Now you can define http based proxy for any specific whois server. Please see http based whois.
  • Support for HTTP/1.1 based whois proxy script (only if you use web based whois). Previous versions worked only if the whois script was uploaded to a hosting account with a dedicated IP address. It now supports virtual hosts.
  • Name servers are always displayed in lower case now. Previously it was picked up exactly as it is in the last read whois data. This caused the NS data to be shown in mix of lowercase and uppercase.
  • Secondary lookup support for CC domains. CC domains require a second lookup (similar to NET/COM/TV domains). The software does it automatically now.
  • When you open a new document and lookups are in progress, you will be prompted to stop the lookups.
  • The Whois Setup dialog displayed a harmless "Delete Selected" button that did nothing. This was removed.


  • Domain Finder (the tool in Watch My Domains ISP that identifies available domain names) will now work faster and better. It will also automatically identify the invalid IP addresses (for DNS based lookups).


  • You can now double-click on a domain name to edit the categories the domain belongs to.
  • Bug fix: There was a problem with SQL queries that made of category name fields that start with "GRP_". This bas been fixed.


  • Added support for simple http based whois lookups.
  • Added support for properly parsing dates that contain "rd", "nd", etc. Example: 22nd June 2007, 1st Jan 2004.


  • Routine maintenance update. Includes minor interface changes.


  • You can now disable domain alerts for specific domains. Use the manual edit option in Details Tab to enable or disable alert for any domain.

    Use the Config > Update DB button to update all your existing DB files and add the MXIP fields to the database. You need to do this once for existing DB files.
  • The "Pending Delete" domain category will display domains that have a related text in whois output. This was not enabled before.
  • If you drag the mouse and shrink the domain table or the details view panel to almost zero size, the panel will become hidden. You can now prevent this from happening in the "Application Settings..." dialog.
  • Added default support for .TEL domains. Previously you had to manually configure .TEL support.
  • The Remove duplicates option in Keywords tab has been improved. It will now clean up the list (trim leading and trailing spaces, remove repeated spaces, etc.) before removing duplicates.


  • Added 3 new columns that show the IPs corresponding to the MX Records. These are labeled MXIP1, MXIP2 and MXIP3. You can enable the display of these columns from the Setup Columns option in the context (right-click) menu.

    Use the Config > Update DB button to update all your existing DB files and add the "Disable Alerts" field to the database. You need to do this once for existing DB files.
  • Calendar view includes a simple registration cost estimator. You can also setup the registration costs. We will be updating this with many more options in the future.
  • Context menu added to calendar view. You can right click on a domain name in the calendar to do a whois lookup on it.
  • The calendar view is now automatically refreshed if a domain whois lookup occurred in the background. Previously you had to click the Refresh button to update the calendar.


  • The details tab now displays/edits dates in mm/dd/yyyy format. You can change this to dd/mm/yyyy using the "Config > App Settings" dialog. Please make sure that you restart the software if you change the date format for the details tab.

    Note: this is different from the date format for regular data display within domain list. Regular domain data list always uses the date format as specified in the system regional settings.
  • Added support for SMTP authentication (for domain alerts)
  • Fixed an obscure bug in Keyword Manager.


  • Improved some of the messages displayed by the software.
  • Added built-in support for KR domains. (KR domains were already supported through manual configuration)
  • Minor bug fixes in Keyword Manager
  • Minor Interface Improvements


  • Domain Calendar - Visual Theme Changed.
  • Fixed the year selection problem when start and end dates are set to consecutive years (year-end).
  • Minor Interface Improvements


  • Improved Whois Configuration and TLD / ccTLD Handling
  • Minor Interface Improvements


  • You can now do simple website monitoring using Watch My Domains ISP. You can also specify text tokens to look for in the website's home page.
  • The exported CSV files include a header now.
  • There was a bug in the exported CSV files when text that contain a linefeed or carriage return is part of the exported data. This is now fixed.
  • The data entry box in "Add Domains" dialog has a buffer size of 1MB now. This means that you can paste text contents of upto 1MB into it. Previously this was much less (Windows default). To add domains from bigger text files, use the "Import" option instead of "Add Domains".


  • Added an option to import domain notes from a CSV file. Right click within the domain list and select "Extra Columns > Import Domain Notes..." The first row in the CSV file should contain the header names. If the notes contain a "," wrap the entire entry within quotes. You can see a sample CSV file below. Please note that the CSV file need not contain all four "notes" columns.
domainpunch.com,Invoiced,"Hello, There",ZZZZZ
  • Added support for SE domains. SE domains were previously supported through manual configuration.
  • CSV export failed when the list contained domain names in other languages (IDN). Fixed
  • CSV export - now prompts for a .CSV file instead of .TXT
  • If you are viewing domains that belong to a specific domain name category and try to add or import new domains, the newly added domains will be added to the currently selected category. You can disable this from the application settings dialog.
  • You can now right click within the category tree and select Reorder Categories to rearrange the category display order.


  • Added a new option for data extraction (string token) that will allow picking a specific line number after a token text. For example, use Registrant:@@#L#2 as the string token to extract the second line after the occurrence of Registrant:
  • Added in-built support for BE domains.
  • Added support for generating alerts when a ping or home page check fails.
  • Added support for generating alerts when IP address corresponding to a domain is changed.
  • Added an option to enable UTF-8 conversion for web-script POST data. Use this if you use IDNs.
  • Added Unicode support for the domain log file. Without this the domain log file will not display IDNs properly.
  • Added a check box for enabling Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) to the "Add Names" dialog.
  • Added support for extracting the organization name.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed data extraction failure when the required data is in the very last row of whois record.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed IP address display bug when the domain name contains an uppercase letter.


  • Added an option to view the log of domain name record changes ("View > Domain Log" ribbon button)
  • Minor bug fixes and Interface modification.
  • Update your copy if you use web-script option for domain name alerts.


  • Watch My Domains ISP now supports IDN (Internationalized domain names). Just add domain names in their native language text and the software will automatically do the IDN conversion before lookups! Make sure that you enable IDN support from the "Application Settings" dialog.
  • Added a progress dialog when deleting large lists of domain names.
  • Improved performance when adding large domain name lists.
  • Minor bug fixes and display changes.


  • Added default support for ME domains.


  • Improved the project "open" and "save as" dialogs.
  • Changed the default data store path to My Domain Records. This will not affect any existing installations, but will make it consistent across all our domain management products.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added an option to Generic Settings for doing IP (DNS) lookups after appending a "www." in front of the domain name. This will make the DNS lookups in v3 similar to that in previous version (v2).


  • Added Web Forms Manager
  • Added support for "Live Links" and "Total SE #" in Web Visibility Check. Please use the Config > Setup > Update DB ribbon button to update the Database Table for all your projects.
  • The "Programs" folder now includes a shortcut for starting the software in safe mode. This will start up the software without loading some of the registry settings and can be used to fix occasional problems due to a bad or corrupt program setting.


  • New Major Version Release.

Watch My Domains ISP v2


  • Version 2.1 Released.
  • Added better support for managing domain groups.
  • Added support for MOBI domains.
  • Added visual interface enhancements.
  • Added support for automatic DNS lookups.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Added support for EU domains
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Support for high speed EU DAS (Domain Availability Service) lookups for EU domains. Please see the kb article for details.


  • Nominet changed the whois formats on Dec 13 2005 and this required some manual configuration changes. Download this version if you don't wish to make the configuration changes on your own. If you are installing over an existing copy,  right click on any .UK domain name in the list (after installing the new version and opening any of your existing data files) and select Data Extraction Setup > Reset To Default. Press yes when you are prompted for confirmation.


  • Added support for showing redirected URLs for site home pages with a 301/302 redirect.
  • A new database field called "Home Page Bytes" added. This will store the size of the home page as a number (and so may be sorted).
  • Some minor changes


  • Changes to default whois configurations.


  • Country code domains like co.uk, com.au, etc. needed to be manually configured immediately after installation. This has been fixed.  Download only if you have problems looking up these domains or you haven't already configured the settings manually.

Previous Changes

  • The software is now digitally signed by Softnik Technologies. This is to ensure that the software has not been modified by any one. You can right click the downloaded file (if you are using Windows XP) and check  the 'Digital Signature' tab for details.
  • HTTP page check will indicate status codes like like 200 OK, 301 Moved, etc. Previous builds used to follow the redirect and show the status of the final page.