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What Can You Do with Watch My Domains SED (Server / Cloud Edition)?

Watch My Domains SED

Watch My Domains SED is a domain name portfolio management application that can be installed on a web / cloud server. You can access the application from anywhere and using any device.


Free for 30 days (can be extended on request), payment or contact details are not required for downloading.

Easy Installation

It is very easy to install the application on your server. There is even a fully automated bash script that will install it on a fresh DigitalOcean droplet (you just have to copy and paste a 'user data' while creating the droplet at DigitalOcean)

Fully Hosted and Managed Options

Don't want the hassle of installing and maintaining the application? We offer fully hosted and managed options.

Third Party Tools

Integrate with third party tools like SEOMoz and EstiBot. You can have the data from third party resources appear in the main domain table. These data can form part of your automatic reports too.

Install on multiple client servers

Install on multiple servers with a single central database server (Professional Edition Only).

Easy Integration

Integrate with your own website using the free PHP Library. You can access the domain database for use in your web pages.


Retrieve Information

Using Registrar API, Whois, DNS Lookups

Automatically Obtain and Monitor Expiry Dates, Name Servers, Contact Information (if available), Last Updated Date, Status, MX Records, DNS Records etc. for all your domain names

Supports Multiple Registrars, gTLDs, ccTLDs, IDNs

Watch My Domains SED Supports International Domain Names (IDN) like рф, country code domains and the new global TLDS like Guru, Tools, etc.

Configure Whois & Registrar APIs

Configure whois for any TLD, ccTLD or IDNs. The application is also capable of auto-configuring whois for most new TLDs and IDNs. APIs is available for Registrars who provide such APIs (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, etc).


Monitor and Track

Monitor Expiry Dates of Domains or SSL Certificates

Monitor expiry dates of any associated SSL certificates for your domain names. You can also monitor the DNS records associated with the domain names.

Monitor Changes in DNS Records (A, NS, TXT or MX)

You can also enable email alerts if any of your DNS records (A, NS, TXT or MX) are different from the previously recorded values.

DMARC & DKIM records

Scan for DKIM records using a configurable selector list.

Manage Sub-domains and IP addresses

Manage sub-domains associated with each domain. Automatically add specified sub-domains for all your domains.

Monitor associated web pages

Monitor the web page of the domain and periodically check for select text tokens, issue an alert if the specified token is missing. You can scan multiple web pages at your domain's website.

Manually Edit Records

Manually Edit the Records when the data is not available through normal whois lookups. You can also update data using CSV files.


Data Management & Organization

Categorize domains into groups

Categorize Domains into groups, create your own domain categories, assign one domain to more than one category.

Custom columns and notes

Create Custom Columns for holding additional data. You can add any number of custom columns in any language you want.

Attach custom notes to domains and sub-domains. Your notes also can be in any language. You can also automatically extract data into custom columns using data extraction tokens.

Import from CSV Files

Import data into the application using CSV files. If you have the data in a spreadsheet you can import it into the application easily.


Data Reports

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports

Generate Automatic Daily / Weekly / Monthly Email Reports. For example, you can make the application email you all the domains that are set to expire within the next 45 days, 15 days, etc.

HTML Reports

Create custom HTML reports that include specific columns, optionally color code rows based on expiry dates or other parameters. A number of sample report scripts are available and you can contact us for specific reports.

Use custom query filters to create CSV reports

Easily create CSV reports that can be accessed from spreadsheets. Use filters to quickly find the domains you want in the report.


Always On & Easy Access

Access From Anywhere & Any device

Watch My Domains SED runs on a server and all you need is a web-browser on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone to access it from anywhere.

Automatic Tasks / Report Generation

Watch My Domains SED is always-on because it runs on a web server. You can configure it to do any number of automatic tasks like report generation, web page monitoring etc.


Security and Audit

As Secure as You Want it to Be

Password Protect the application and assign different users with different access rights. You can create users who can only view th data but not modify, you can also restrict users from seeing parts of your domain portfolio.

Time stamped audit trail

Watch My Domains SED also provides a time-stamped audit log. You can check the audit logs to see activities like adding domains, deleting domains, manual editing of data, downloading csv data.


Visual Interface

Brand the installation

Brand the installation with your own logo and links.

Customized Links

Create custom links that will allow you to open various web pages connected to the domain. For example, you can access the web-archive page, Google cache page, Alexa page, etc. for any domain with a single click.

Themes support

Select a suitable theme from a list of available themes, Change the fonts and colors of the domain table.

Free for 30 days (can be extended on request), payment or contact details are not required for downloading.