Database and SQL Support in Watch My Domains ISP

Supported Databases

Watch My Domains ISP supports both Microsoft Jet Database (no extra installation is required, Jet DB is available by default on Windows) and MS SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and Express versions). You can select the database type whenever you start a new document.

Control Display and Lookup of Domain Names

Watch My Domains ISP supports the use of SQL queries to control the display and lookups of domain names. You can use SQL queries to decide which domains are displayed, which domains are looked up and so on.

SQL queries may be used to display or lookup domains based on different criteria. For example, you can create an SQL query that will redo the lookups on all domains that have not been looked up within the last 65 days and whose expiry date falls within the next 10 days, etc.

Watch My Domains ISP also supports creating your own customized SQL queries for different purposes. You can create a list of different SQL queries and save them for use later.

Quick SQL Queries using "Find" (Ctrl-F)

You can press Ctrl-F within the Domain Manager to execute a number of quick SQL display queries. These are mainly queries to find domains that match a condition.

For example, you can just type in


to list all ".COM" domains that have "soft" or "comp" in them. You can also use these type of quick queries to search within domain names, name servers, registrar names and attached notes, domain web home page titles, etc.

Pre-configured, Ready to Use Queries

The software comes with a number of SQL queries already pre-configured. You can access these easily from the tree display in the left panel. You can also edit, modify and create your own SQL queries and then use them later with a single click.

Domain Name Management Software and DB Support

Watch My Domains Mac

Watch My Domains Mac uses SQLite

Watch My Domains Server

Watch My Domains SED (Server) supports MySQL / MariaDB

Watch My Domains ISP

Watch My Domains ISP supports MSJet or MS SQL